Tik Tok guide. How to become a successful tiktoker

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Tik Tok guide. How to become a successful tiktoker

About Course

Would you like to run highly profitable TikTok ads? And do you want to know more about budget optimization, scalability of TikTok ads, and lead generation? Then this course is for you.

This course is for beginners, advanced online marketers, and everyone who is interested in TikTok marketing. You will learn more about running TikTok ads and the technical side of TikTok marketing, including the TikTok pixel, custom conversions, splittesting, re-targeting, lookalike audiences, and custom audiences.

But what exactly will you learn in detail in this course?

Course content

videoCreate your first TikTok ad from scratch Start
videoGenerate leads on TikTok with lead gen forms and lead ads Start
videoSet up custom audiences, lookalike audiences and custom conversions Start
videoChecking Start
videoKnow how to use the TikTok pixel and custom events Start
videoկցված թեստ Start
videoտեստ Start
videoCreate splittests and multi level splittests Start
videoFill the form Start

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Emily Smith

Emily Smith

Course Instructor