Clean Sweep Quiz

The Clean Sweep program consists of 100 items that will tell you how well you have handled the basics of modern day survival. When completed, it will give you the vitality and strength you want.

The Clean Sweep is a surprisingly tough program so do not get discouraged if your starting score is low. My first score was 22 points out of 100 and it took me a year to get my score into the low 90’s –- a much better place to be in life! The more points you gain on the Clean Sweep Program, the easier your life will become and the easier it will be to reach your bigger goals. The lower your score, the more life feels like a struggle. The good news is that once you reach 90+ total points on the Clean Sweep Program, you will discover that life isn’t such a struggle and it will be much easier to attract the best opportunities and people to you.

You have more natural energy when your environment, health and emotional balance, money, and relationships are all operating at a high level.